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Thank you to hitsuga for hosting this amazing battle! The themes were brilliant and it really forced me to do something creative! Also, thank you to sietepecados , wretched & violateraindrop for battling with me! Check out their amazing icon post at softly_pining

Avengers/catws/captain america [16] - SPN [17] - OUAT [1] - Game of Thrones [1] - Merlin [1]

hunter / shapeshifters / werewolf / vampire / angel

witch / ghost / zombie / boogieman / frankenstein

demon / headless horseman / mummy / dragon / deadly sins

4 horsemen / djinn / gorgon / fairy / mermaid

the official alts: I got too many, so I just submitted those. XD

Here are the extras:

The failed gif experiment XD I'm so ashamed

Also, MANY THANKS to  for making this banner! I LOVE IT! *g*

Many thanks to absolutelybatty for posting her "Textual Healing (an inspiration post)". It made me want to play around with TEXTS without being scared. XD Thanks darling xoxo

Happy Holidays & Happy New year!

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If like, feel free to either watch or track for more updates

Tags: films: avengers/aou, films: captain america/catws, graphics: icons, icon battles, tv: game of thrones, tv: merlin, tv: ouat, tv: supernatural
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