Footprints on the Moon (gallicka) wrote,
Footprints on the Moon

Tiny Icon Progression Post - 2014

When I say tiny...I really meant TINY (like 1½ month). I haven't posted any icons for almost a year...but I went back to iconing again this October and post my first entry on Halloween. XD

October 31th

I was feeling very rusty here. Luckily, I haven't stopped coloring caps even though I haven't been making any icons for almost a year. Coloring & composition wise hasn't dropped that much. XD Blocking was always easy for me haha. I love making graphics and I posted alot of screencap promos. So I have sorta kept my photohop skills even.


Even though this post was posted in December, I consider this my November post. XD Mainly because most of them WERE made in November. I came back just in time to participate in various challenges. I feel like I was really back to 'iconing in 100x100px' here. It felt a little weird in the beginning to squeez something down to around 100px, when I'm used to doing in 500px. XD I also applied for several icon challenge communities, and got accepted. Hopefully, tracking their posts will keep me knee-deep in icon making in 2015. haha


YES! My December post! I'm most proud of this one. :D You see the text?! I want to thank absolutelybatty SO much for posting her Textual Healing (an inspiration post). It really helped me with my texts. *cackling with glee* I really pushed myself here to try out different compositions & textures. Lots of gracious thanks to hitsuga for posting SUCH an interesting battle with a GORGEOUS inspiration post. I'm glad I found you and your graphic journal sweetie!

aaaaand done! That's my 2014 progression post. XD Not much I know, but I had fun and I found my love for making icons again. :D

I hope to be more active in 2015, do lots of icon battles and stop being so lazy about posting. XD ♥ ♥ ♥

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