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I haven't been able to icon as much in this month, but I got a pretty decent bunch here. :D
I FINALLY manage to catch up on various shows I missed, AND I started to watch Agent Carter today. ♥
It's such a BAMF show! I really hope they won't cancel it!
Expect some Peggy icons in my next batch! *g*

The 100 (x5)

Game of Thrones | Teen Wolf  | Supernatural (x3)

Supernatural (x2) | Guardians of the Galaxy (x3)

Guardians of the Galaxy (x2) | Inception | Captain America 2 (x2)
X-Men | Star Trek 2

a big adventure
Ice Breakers

First activity for the new multi maker comm. that I joined! You can view our gorgeous post here @ a_big_adventure
I had some trouble with 'Muted Coloring', so that's what I tried to practice on ...and failed. XD
I really hope there'll be a season 2 for Constantine!

OUAT Battle
Once Upon a time (x15)

The EPIC OUAT battle! OMG OMG! You can view the reveal post here. SO many GORGEOUS and FANTASTIC entries!
That post is a treasure! I have some trouble making icons for a couple of characters , since I have only seen season 4. XD
I'm trying to catch up on season 1-3 now. *dies*

The 100 (x2) | Game of Thrones (x1) | Supernatural (x1) | Teen Wolf (x1)

OUAT (x4)

Comment are ♥
If like, feel free to either WATCH or TRACK for more updates

MMCBattle Post - Multifandom
Captain America 2, the 100, Constantine, OUAT, Sherlock, etc.

ktmonsters ; ktmonsters ; ktmonsters

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